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Friday, February 3, 2012

Favorite Things Friday....Beef!! (Duh!)

I haven't done a favorite things Friday in quite some time so I thought today we will get back at it!!!  So for this favorite thing Friday you guessed it.....BEEF!!!!!  Is anyone sick of hearing me talk about beef yet?  I didn't think so!  This is my grill this evening.....

I know your mouth is salivating!  Dinner consisted of burgers, sirloin steak, and Filet Mignon.  With a side of acorn squash.  Might I say that it was so delicious!!

Since it is I Heart Beef month I thought i would share some fun and interesting facts about beef that I found on Purdue University's website.  Did you know........
  • 1904 was the year that the hamburger debuted at the World's Fair in St. Louis
  • Memorial Day is the most popular day for beef consumption
  • 1000 quarter pound burgers could be made from one steer!!
  • 11 basketballs can be made from one beef hide
  • ground beef is the most popular cut of beef in the United States (I found this interesting)
  • White Castle was the first hamburger chain and it opened in 1921
With that I hope everyone enjoys I Heart Beef month and go out and support the beef industry!!!

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