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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Who is Your Voice?

Who speaks up for the issues that your concerned with?  Who voices the opinions and thoughts that you have?

Your grandparents?
Your parents?
Your peers?

I recently attended a district legislative meeting put on by our county Farm Bureau that brought that exact question to mind. The meeting brought together our district legislators including my favorite Senator Hite to discuss issues currently happening in congress at the state and national level effecting farmers and producers.  We also had a chance to voice our concerns or certain issues that we wanted to be addressed.

This is great right?  A chance to speak directly to the people creating laws and regulations that will effect your farm and production!  Pretty much amazing if you ask me.  So that is why I was quite surprised that I was one of the few if not only person from my generation in attendance.  We the millennials that is. 

I step on a ton of farms throughout my days with work and see many of the younger generation coming back to the farm.  So why are they not getting involved in the political side?  Why do they not want to directly share their concerns with the people creating the legislature that will directly effect them?  Were they all just busy that day?  These are my questions.......

So here are thoughts to you my dear millennials.  We are the future of Agriculture.  Our grandparents, parents, and neighbors will not be around forever to voice the opinions and concerns of the industry for us.  It is time that we get involved and have our voice heard.  The people in the urban areas that are pointing their fingers at you do not have a problem voicing their opinions.  So if your legislators are not hearing from our industry how do you think laws and regulations will be made?  In your favor?  Highly unlikely!  It's time to get involved!

Williams County members with Senator Hite

 Good Day!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Country Fair Blog Party......Easter Edition!

Easter is coming up......quickly and if you are anything like me you wait until the last minute and frantically call all of your family members to see what they are bringing to Easter dinner in hopes of trying to decide what you should bring.  This happens at pretty much every holiday for me.  Everyone always snags the staples such as the meat, potatoes, scalloped corm, green bean casserole, etc...so I'm left normally with looking online for a great recipe to try.

So if you are anything like me then this blog party may be just what you need to find a new recipe or gift to make for the Easter weekend upon us.  Check out the past week's winners for some great recipes and DIY projects and even past entries may just be your saving grace for the side dish you are looking for!

Last Week's Winners:

Desserts Required: Gooey Easter Brownie Cups

Hasekamps of Tulips: Homemade Gifts Are Best

For all of you men and women out there that have great dishes for Easter or a great DIY project that would make the best Easter gift we need you!!!  Share your recipe or project or even just your post about Ag and help out those of us (myself) that wait until the last minute and need a good recipe!  Link up below!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Country Fair Party + A Giveaway = Spring Excellence

50 degrees, wind blowing through your hair, the distant smell of fried food and elephant ears.......I Wish!!!  Since it isn't quite fair time the next best thing would be a Country Fair blog party right?!  Like weeks past we want YOU!!  If you blog and have your favorite recipe, or DIY project, or even just your favorite article about why you love Ag submit your post for others to enjoy as much as yourself! You may just be crowned the Champion! 

Here are the champions from last week!

I also mentioned a giveaway!!!!  So this talented blogger Sierra Shea wrote a poem So God Made A Farmer's Wife.  It is amazing and highlights the work, worries, joys, and life of a farm wife.  She has offered to allow us to give one away!!  All you have to do is sign up below to get entered to win this poem!!! 

So enter you blog posts and enter the giveaway and you are well on your way to ending this week a success!!


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