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Thursday, April 26, 2012

WTF? Where's the Food Without the Farmer?

I love great stories about advocating the agriculture industry.  So here is one to share.  I love farmers.org has set up "agvocating" days on university campuses across the United States.  Today was their second WTF Day.  Which stands for Where's the Food Without the Farmer.  They get students who are interested in the agriculture industry to go out and advocate Ag and engage conversation with those that are not as well informed.  It was very encouraging watching all the students tweet about how successful the day was on each campus.

It is a great concept and I think it would be great if all universities took the lead on this and joined the conversation of "agvocating".  With the recent BSE (mad cow) issue in California it was amazing to see all the agvocates jump to action with informing the public of the facts and where they could go to find information if they had questions.  It definitely shows how strong of an industry Agriculture is and that producers support each other and stick together.  What a GREAT industry!

If anyone has questions about BSE I encourage you to go to BSEinfo.org to find all your information and facts.  I will be blogging about this in much more detail coming up in my next blog post.  But until then....Eat Beef, Drink Milk, Be Happy!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Stand Up for Agriculture

I find it so empowering when groups come together to stand up for things that they believe in, especially when it comes to agriculture.  Recently a group of students at Texas A&M University came together to be "agvocates" for agriculture with a slogan Farmers Fight.  They want to encourage consumers to ask questions to producers about where their food comes from.

Check out their video and don't be afraid to ask where your food comes from....

You can also follow their blog for more information here.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

It's Turkey Time!!!

Holy busy life it has been.  This is my disclaimer as to why I have been absent lately on the blog.  There has been so much going on out there in the Ag world and so much to talk about such as the huge debacle on Lean Finely Texture Beef that the media likes to refer to as "pink slime" and last weekend was Michigan Beef Expo.  So Monday you will get to hear my rant on LFTB and I'm sure that all of you are BEYOND excited....I can tell!  But until then.........

It's that time of year again....no not Thanksgiving but opening day of Turkey Season!!  I am about to go on my first turkey hunt and I am beyond excited!!!  I want nothing more than for that huge tom to come walking in front of me and you better believe I'm gonna get that baby mounted.

So this past weekend we went out practicing shooting and learning all the aspects of the hunt.  So I was given a Benelli 12 gauge semi auto to shoot and was only told it may have a LITTLE kick.....ha! No it had a MAJOR kick.  Pretty sure I thought it broke my shoulder, jaw, and eardrum all at the same time.  But after a couple shots it didn't hurt that bad.  So not to brag but my first two shots nailed the bird...

So after that they taught me how to call a turkey.  This is quite different then I ever imagined.  I've been goose hunting and so I thought you would have a turkey call like how you call geese.  Negative you use this pencil looking thing on a slate.  It was quite intriguing to learn.

So that was my weekend and April 23 can't come soon enough!!!