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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Picture Day!

Yes it is that time of year again......to renew your license.   Which means you get a new shot at attempting to take a half reasonable picture.  Never works well for me. 

4 years ago I was working breeding cows so I swung into the license bureau quick to get it over with.  Epic fail. I had on an under armour cold gear shirt which seemed to push ALL of my chins up in visible view and then they decide to zoom in on my face.  Gross. 

Just to reassure me that my picture was that bad, a group of us stayed in a hotel after one of Michigan States football games and since the reservation was under my name I went through the classic line of events.  License and card you would like to put the room on.....says the college student behind the desk.  I hand him my license and say don't judge. It's a bad pic. The kid looks at me, then at the pic and says yeah you could've done better.  Well thanks!

So again this year I get up with anticipation of doing my hair looking all fancy. In my head this is what I imagine my pic to look like.
Photo courtesy of google images

But then I get busy and run out of time and this is what it will most likely end up looking like.
Photo courtesy of google images

So with my hair thrown up in a ponytail here is to 4 more years of looking like a boy!  Happy Tuesday y'all!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A harvest in pictures

I don't claim or attempt to consider myself a photographer in any way.  I shoot with an iPhone and thanks to some apps my photos look slightly better than a toddlers. However I do love getting action shots of agriculture as I travel the countryside. 

Harvest has really picked up pace here the last couple days after a wonderful 4+ inches of rain and I wanted to share some of my wonderful better than a toddlers photos of the harvest happenings....Enjoy!

I might add according to all these photos we really like the green and yellow up here!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Favorites......HELP!!!

Paleo friends, primal friends, healthy friends in general........I need your help!!!

So I have these cravings come fall that consists of pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice latte, apple crisp, apple cobbler, hot caramel apple cider......pretty much everything loaded with sugar.  Which is great and normal right?  Minus one glitch........apparently my thyroid has went on strike.

I know right?  What a useless piece of machinery up there.  How does it just stop working?  So with that comes a big problem.....fat.  Within the last year I have been working out multiple times a week even multiple times a day and.......nothing, like havent lost a pound or an inch. Ridiculous.  So I made an appt with an integrative doctor thanks to the advice of my badass trainer.  Apparently they are pretty legit and help to heal you as a whole instead of just the issue at hand like a regular doctor?  I don't know but I'm about to find out.....minus the fact that she is such a big deal she is booked out through October so I'm on a waiting list.

In the mean time I am on a paleo diet to help keep me from gaining 500 pounds until we figure out this thyroid thing.  I am supposed to limit sugars but fall and winter are the WORST times of the year!  So this is where all you foodies come in!

I need recipes!!!  I need good paleo healthy yummy recipes to curb these cravings of fall I'm having!!  I need tried and true recipes.  I have found some and tried them and they have tasted like ass so I want some that you all have tried and know are delicious!!!  Also what are some go to things that you eat when you are craving sweets that are a healthier alternative?

Any and all thoughts and recipes are greatly appreciated! 

Thanks friends!