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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Picture Day!

Yes it is that time of year again......to renew your license.   Which means you get a new shot at attempting to take a half reasonable picture.  Never works well for me. 

4 years ago I was working breeding cows so I swung into the license bureau quick to get it over with.  Epic fail. I had on an under armour cold gear shirt which seemed to push ALL of my chins up in visible view and then they decide to zoom in on my face.  Gross. 

Just to reassure me that my picture was that bad, a group of us stayed in a hotel after one of Michigan States football games and since the reservation was under my name I went through the classic line of events.  License and card you would like to put the room on.....says the college student behind the desk.  I hand him my license and say don't judge. It's a bad pic. The kid looks at me, then at the pic and says yeah you could've done better.  Well thanks!

So again this year I get up with anticipation of doing my hair looking all fancy. In my head this is what I imagine my pic to look like.
Photo courtesy of google images

But then I get busy and run out of time and this is what it will most likely end up looking like.
Photo courtesy of google images

So with my hair thrown up in a ponytail here is to 4 more years of looking like a boy!  Happy Tuesday y'all!!


  1. I just had mine done yesterday. It is a huge process for me since I am not a citizen. I think they dread me coming in as much as I dread going there.

  2. I just had to renew mine last week... I don't know what it is about their camera but I never fail to have squinty eyes. This time was no exception either...

  3. Well you can't fault the kid working the hotel desk for his honesty! Haha. Thanks for the laugh on a dreary, cold and icy morning here in STL

  4. LOL! I completely understand--I lost my debit card at walmart in the checkout line with two kids at the end of a busy farm day and ran acorss the street to my bank--who informed me they could give me a replacement with my photo--I keep thinking I will pay five dollars for a new card with a fantastic picture but instead I keep showing all my friends at our local businesses my frizzed out hair with a frazzled look--I still had two little ones with me and a cart of groceries to pay for at walmart. p.s. just dropping in from Christmas in the County. Merry Christmas!