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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Men....The Perfect Gift For The Woman in Your Life!!

If she is a coffee drinker....if not then your out of luck and this post will help you none.

But for real.....I have found the most incredible gift that every woman (or man) that drinks coffee must have.  A FRENCH PRESS!!  People, call me crazy if you have had one for years but this is the most simple and amazing invention ever!  The first time I had french press coffee was in Chicago at my cousin's apt.  It was delish.  However when I left Chicago I clearly forgot how amazing it was. 

Recently a group of friends and myself went to the newly opened Father Johns Brewery and we had french pressed coffee.  My taste buds were in over drive heaven.  It makes coffee so creamy and so rich and smooth.  Just incredible.  It puts my keurig to shame.

So to help make Christmas shopping super easy for all you men out there because I know you normally wait until the last minute, get your woman a french press.  She will love it and you will be a hero. 

And to make it even easier you can order one from Amazon right HERE.

Now you can relax having one less thing on your Christmas list....you can thank me later.


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