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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas in the Country Gift Exchange Reveal

From -30 degrees to -10 degrees truly does feel like a warm up!  Hard to believe I know but trust me.  You are able to at least walk outside without instantly getting a brain freeze.  Score!

On to the real topic at hand.  While not only participating in a beauty swap I also had the great opportunity to participate in a gift swap hosted by Laurie Link from COUNTRY LINKed and Jamie Rhodes from This Uncharted Rhode

I received a gift from Elizabeth Martin from Circle the Wagons and here was what was inside:

It included hand painted ornaments with cattle and boots on them....2 of my favorite things and beef sticks from a local butcher shop! Beef sticks are always a great snack!  They were delicious.

I was paired up with Laurie Link so be sure to check out her blog HERE to see what I sent her!



  1. Love those ornaments! How cute! Thanks so much for participating! Did you link up on Jamie's blog?

  2. What a sweet and thoughtful gift! Thanks so much for participating and linking up!