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Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 say what?!

So here we are again with a lovely review of the past year which is naturally late and you are reading in 2014.  Procrastination is not something that I overcame in 2013....clearly

2013 was a pretty solid year.  Not many complaints. I put in a solid year at my new job which meant no more being kicked and chased by cows and being covered in cow poop daily (don't get me wrong I still bred some cattle and peddled a lil bull semen on the side). Their are just some things you can't stay away from. Ha!
  I introduced many farmers to some new shades of lipstick.  It appears many people in sales in Ag tend to be men and this past year I found a new love for red and hot pink lipstick so imagine pulling up on a farm wearing red lipstick.  It is the best conversation starter.

I got to attend the amazing Alltech conference in KY as a guest blogger to cover the events of the conference.  Pretty awesome!  Not only did we get to have beer from the amazing Alltech brewery (bourbon barrel ale is the bomb digity) but I also got to hang out with these fine chaps 
And getting this serape was obviously the highlight of the trip!!
I saw some of the best concerts including but not limited to.....
Casey Donahew Band (don't judge the sweaty hair and multiple chins)
The King-George Strait (yes they were nose bleed seats as to why I had to take pics on the jumbotron)
Jason Boland and the Stragglers (he has an AMAZING voice)

I got to meet and hear speak thee TEMPLE GRANDIN.  This is probably the highlight of the year.  So inspiring and humbling and I pretty much just sat there in awe.

I also did some great traveling which landed me in Texas, North Carolina twice, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Florida, Nebraska, and multiple trips to Chicago.

And last but not least and I'm sure I left out many important events along the way.....I watched my SPARTANS have a kickass football season!

I hope you all had a fabulous 2013 and your 2014 is off to a wonderful start. I wish you all a year of happiness and fulfilled dreams!  And a closet full of good boots.  You can never have too many boots!



  1. Fun times! Here's to a wonderful 2014 for you!

  2. Good concerts, been to all but George. Oh and if you ever want to clean out your boot collection..........

    1. George was amazing. Literally takes your breath away. f he is close to u on the last leg of his tour u must go! And I'm always swapping out boots so I can let ya know :)

  3. Jealous you were able to see the King in concert! Happy 2014!