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Friday, November 23, 2012

Featured Farmer Friday: My father in law-Dave Reitzel

Today is not only Black Friday but it is also featured farmer Friday on my blog!  This is where you get to meet some of the farmers and ranchers that produce the food you eat!  Since I kicked off my series with my father I figured it was only right to follow up with my father in law.  Introducing: Dave Reitzel (he pretends to be shy so finding a picture of him was quite a task!).

My father in law and his brother Kenny own a business called Reitzel Bros which is a used machinery dealership.  They ship tractors all over the country and have very successful at what they do. 
While running to auctions to buy equipment and managing a business isn't all he does; he also finds time to grain farm.  He grows corn, soybeans, and wheat. I thought it would be good to get his thoughts on some of the Ag industries current important issues.  Here are his thoughts.....
1.)  What is your favorite aspect of the Agriculture industry?

        -Watching something grow from practically nothing but a small seed into an important plant that helps feed the world.

2.) Where do you see the Ag industry in 20 years when your grandchildren are in your shoes?
      -I see the industry getting better with technology because people have to eat and as long as they don't keep putting too many restrictions on us they will be fine.

3.) How do you think we can help to connect producer to consumer and do you think it is important?
    -I think it is very important.  Many consumers think that their food just comes from the grocery store.  That is scary.  I think that the people putting on seminars and like you with this blog will help to inform customers where their food comes from.

I hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving and survived Black Friday shopping!

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