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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Birthday review and some fashion diaries!

Today was my birthday! Yay!  I had the great pleasure of spending my birthday down in Greensburg Indiana at our company headquarters meeting all the important people that make the business successful.  What better way could one think of spending their birthday?......I could think of none :)

 I was pretty excited to break out some of my new jewelry that I had purchased from Southern Jewlz and Keys Country.

My husband woke me up around midnight last night just to give me my present.  I was really surprised because I had told him a while back what I really wanted but by no means thought he would actually get it for me.   And HE DID!!!!

I saw this amazing purse at Spool 72 and had to have it.  How can one resist fringe AND Aztec pattern? Exactly my point! 

To finish off the day everyone at the office sang happy birthday and they got me an ice cream cake!!

And that is my birthday wrap up!  Pretty successful day I'd have to say!  I would also like to say thanks to all of my social media friends that gave a birthday shout out!  It is amazing how some people you have never met or only met briefly in person can almost feel like family! Thank you!

Also, stay tuned tomorrow for my new series Friday's Featured Farmer!!!

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  1. My husband needs to take a lesson from yours in birthday gifting. :)