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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

While it's 100 degrees outside why wouldn't you think of FALL?

I always find it entertaining when you walk into stores during July and they are already putting fall clothing and decor out......really?  Summer just started and you can't find a bathing suit anywhere but.....you can find some Halloween decorations!!!!   I feel we tend to slightly get ahead of ourselves these days.

While scanning on facebook this exact thing happened.  Fall attire was being posted on store pages.  While I was in shock I was also very intrigued!  Fall fashion is gonna be fabulous!!  It almost made me ready for fall!  One of my favorite websites and the perfect place to find your favorite Old Gringo and Lane boots would be Cowgirl Kim. 

Here are the next purchases I will be putting on my must have list!!

Lane and Double D got together and have created this amazing boot that I can't wait to own!!

Who doesn't need a rust orange fall coat?

These are beyond amazing!!

Go check out her website and have your wallet close by because it will be hard to leave without making a purchase....trust me!!  Enjoy!

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