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Monday, July 9, 2012

The final leg of my California vacation

For some reason we thought it was a good idea to take a 6am flight home from California.  With the early flight we decided to head out of Napa early and spend a day in San Francisco.  With a cousin that used to live there she gave us some pointers on where to visit and spend our time.  A couple of the top attractions would be Alcatraz and Golden Gate Park.  We started with Alcatraz but evidently that is a hot attraction because the next available tour was August 10....that canceled that out real quick.  We then headed to Golden Gate Park. 

It is like a hidden treasure in the middle of San Francisco.  Many people compared it to Central Park in New York but way better.  Well let me confirm that it is pretty amazing!  There was a huge stage where live music was being played and an art fair with some amazing paintings and sculptures.  Within the park is strawberry hill.  This is a hill that you can actually hike up and has great scenery.  It was quite foggy the day we were there but still got some great photos.

It was a little foggy on our drive back into San Francisco....

Strawberry Hill

And you can't visit San Francisco without a visit to the Pacific Ocean!!

And that's a wrap.....hope you enjoyed a little insider view to my Great California Vacation!!

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