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Monday, July 2, 2012

Killing time during layover...napa update

While we were flying out to Napa we sat next to an older couple that were from Colorado Springs. As we started talking the lady started sharing about how they had to evacuate their home because of all the fires. Listening to her tell us how having to choose what valuables to keep and what ones to leave was heartbreaking. The younger generation is a little more fortunate to have all the technology that saves things on disk and on computers. Our grandparents and even parents only have hard copies and negatives of pictures and wedding photos so it definitely adds to more packing and saving.

As we landed in San Francisco the couple were actually waiting to hear if their house was still standing. We sadly never ran into them in napa to hear how things turned out but my heart went out to them. Last we heard the Colorado wildfires were only 5% contained.

I encourage you all to keep these people in your thoughts and prayers. I could not even begin to imagine what they are going through. And PRAY FOR RAIN!!!! Most all of us across the country need it badly!!

And this is what we do while waiting in the airport.....charge electronics and catch up on celebrity gossip!

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