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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's Ohio Ag Week!! Learn some fun facts!!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend Ohio Farm Bureau's Young Ag Professionals Conference.  I was pretty excited because they had some pretty informative looking seminars that I wanted to attend.  This was quite the short trip because I learned a few sad things about myself that I feel I should start working on, such as........1. If you dropped me off in Michigan I would be able to find my way home, send me to Columbus and I get lost in Lima.....sad when you have lived in Ohio most of your life.  2. Put me at a Michigan Farm Bureau conference and I would know a handful of people.....put me at an Ohio conference and I knew NO ONE!! It actually was a great experience because I got to meet many new people and learn some new info about Ohio agriculture and what opportunities are out there.

That leads me in into what I wanted to share with all of you in this post...It is Ohio Ag Week!!!  It is great when we can dedicate weeks or days or even months to Agriculture!! As I feel everyday should be dedicated its nice to inform others of these dedicated weeks.  So in honor of Ohio Ag Week I thought I would share some great Ohio Ag Facts with you from Ohio Farm Bureau.

  • 1 in 7 Ohioans have an agriculture-related job
  • The average herd of cattle consists of 290 head
  • 1,155,900 acres of beans were harvested in 2011
  • 83,981,000 acres of corn were harvested in 2011
  • 45,705,000 acres of wheat were harvested in 2011
These are just a few of the facts I found. Visit United States Department of Agriculture for more facts as well!!!

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