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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Where is my milk from??

So I have been slightly absent from the blogging world lately but it seems as though there is not enough time in the day to even breath let alone post anything.  However on of my fellow Ag twitter friends posted a tweet that caught my eye and I wanted to share with all of you.

Now I realize that this is old and has been out for a while but it is still really neat and want to share with those of you that have not heard of this.  There is a website out there that will actually tell you where your milk came from.  This is pretty neat because you can see how close your milk was processed to you. 

I just checked my gallon of milk on the website and it was processed in Rochester, Indiana at Dean Foods, Co.  That is only an 1.5 hours away so not far at all!!  Working within the dairy industry I like this idea because any way to help inform consumers and bring a positive relationship between producers and consumers is a great advantage. 

So all of you go check your fridge for a gallon of milk, get the stamped on code and go to www.whereismymilkfrom.com and see where its from....how fun!!!

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