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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Technology has become a farmer/ranchers best friend

I am a total ag nerd when it comes to reading and subscribing to articles and blogs about agriculture.  Technology has totally become a source of information and sharing for people to learn about the ag industry.  For example on twitter I follow @animalag, @agchat, and @beefmagazine.  Multiple times a day you get updated on current issues.  Some of them like agchat also have weekly discussions so that anyone can put their two cents in on how they feel about the issues.

Recently there have been many discussions about how farmers and ranchers are using technology to share info about production and welfare of animals and crops on their farms for the world to see.  This is an awesome idea because so many people have preconceived ideas of what goes on on a working facility.  It is always brought to the public attention when something negative goes on but rarely do we see all the good and positive that is being done.  The more people that speak out and share the activities of their working farms perhaps the pressure from activists will start to lessen.......we can only hope!

One article that stuck out to me today was a Kansas farmer that takes time out of his day to tweet.  It may be just to boast about the benefits of a new fertilizer he used or photos of a newborn calf.  He feels strongly that most people don't understand where their food comes from and if we start to inform those that don't know we may be able to correct the perceptions that are false that people tend to have.  I totally agree with this.

So for all of you readers out there I challenge you to start to learn about where your food comes from and who the people are that are making this food. You never know, you may learn a few things and if you have negative perceptions they may just be reversed!

Here are a couple really good websites that share a wealth of knowledge about the foods you eat and the people that grow them.....check them out:

beef magazine

Since today was rainy and dreary up here in the Midwest I wanted to share my current purchase....

Go Spartans!!!!!!!!

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