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Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday's Favorite Things!!

Pardon my absence this week on blogging.  Work has consumed my life lately but I made sure to post tonight because I know you all want to see another of my favorite things.....right?  So my favorite thing this Friday I would like to share with you is my very sheltered, uninformed of the world around her, my personal trainer Michele!  Not only is she a complete genius when it comes to nutrition and working out but she absolutely cracks me up with her lack of knowing what is going on around her......for example:  We were working out this afternoon and my sister brings up Sweetest Day and she has never heard of it!!!

Naturally I was not surprised because she amazes me with things she has never heard of but really.....sweetest day?  So she says....."you Midwesterners and your crazy things".  I found that funny because she did live in Missouri for 3 years....just saying.  So I had all these funny things I was gonna write about and then thought to myself......perhaps I should look this up and see where Sweetest Day came from.   Sure enough it is really only celebrated in the Great Lakes region.  Who knew?!

Apparently a guy in Cleveland started it by giving gifts to orphans or homeless or something like that and so then it spread and every year on the 3rd Saturday in October people would give little gifts like cards, candy, etc. to loved ones.  Now it is spreading like wildfire and considered a Hallmark Holiday!

Tomorrow is Sweetest Day so if any of you have forgotten here is your reminder.  I love Sweetest Day because normally my husband forgets and so I get him a card and tell him I clearly love him more since I remembered.....works every time!

Back to my Friday's favorite thing.....Michele....she is the shit!!  She does in home training and nutrition counseling.  So any of you near the Fort Wayne area hit her up and she will whip you into shape!  I have been training with her for over a year and absolutely love it!  I have become so strong and much more confident!  Hit her up on facebook via her page LivingIt.....you won't be disappointed!

Happy Sweetest Day All!!!!!!


  1. Luv the pic!!! and your blog too! Jayme

  2. I knew I wasn't crazy! Kevin had no idea what it was either but he is a boy so that doesn't surprise me.

    And thanks for the shout out!