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Friday, September 20, 2013

Chipotle Ad Controversy.....the Parody is Spot On!!

I'm sure that many of you by now have seen or heard about the recent release of the "Scarecrow" ad by Chipotle.  This ad which is accompanied by a "cute"  (insert sarcasm and eye roll) little game that they created as well does a great job of sharing lies and false images of what the food industry is like today.  I'm not a fan of  the video nor would I want to send any more views their way so I will not be sharing the video.  I'm sure most of you are very capable of finding it yourselves.

However......I will share this video!  Funny or Die made this parody of the Chipotle ad and it couldn't have made me happier!  Check it out and I will explain why.


I love this because it shows that the audience isn't as naive as Chipotle would like to think they are.  The Huffington Post even wrote an article stating that this parody almost makes you feel guilty for believing their marketing gimmicks.  I love that they are bringing this to the attention of everyone and it's not only farmers and ranchers out there standing up it is the general public realizing this video just doesn't seem right!! That makes me smile and warms my heart!!

 My frustration arises when Chipotle tries to get away with bashing big Ag and make you believe that they bring you natural, antibiotic and hormone free meat; (Which might I add all meat is antibiotic free when it reaches the slaughter house, we were all born with hormones so it's hard to get rid of a naturally occurring thing), but with the size of the corporation we all know that just isn't possible.  They have even put out statements saying that they can not supply it all the time because of demand.  Now if you have to supplement with conventionally raised meat why in the world would you try to bash it?  You are willing to feed it to your customers so it must not be that bad right?  These are just my thoughts.

Have a great Friday and a great start to your weekend!!

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