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Friday, August 30, 2013

AgChat, Youtility, and a lil Flatryan

This is what you come across when you get a group of agnerds together...epic genius my friends

This creative genius is compliments of my friend Nicole Small (Tales of a Kansas Farm Mom)  She told her husband she needed a portable phone charger so she can stay charged while out in the tractor working in the fields.......obviously this is what a man thinks of when you ask for a portable charger.  I feel Milwaukee's sales are going to increase quite substantially after this!

A couple weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to again attend the great AgChat Foundation's annual conference in Charlotte, NC.  I wasn't initially going to attend this year but after being told to do so by the great Dairy Carrie and Ryan Goodman I obliged and am glad I did. 

For any of you that have never been it is a must do conference.  The first time I went last year I was just getting started on my agvocating adventure and this conference really got me to the next level.. Not only technology wise but the networking is bar none.  These are some of the best in the industry and to be able to learn one on one and ask questions is pretty much a great opportunity.

This year we got to hear from the great Jay Bear.  Pretty much a social media and marketing genius....hes pretty legit.

Everything that he said really hit home for me especially because I am in sales and the marketing advice he gave was dead on.  We need to quit selling our product and be more of a source of information.......nailed it!
I encourage all of you to check out his book youtility.  I mean he is a NY Times best selling author so you know it will be good!

One of the other perks of attending the conference is it is normally in a place where you can get bangin food. Last year it was in Kansas City and we had some of the best BBQ around and this year Charlotte didn't disappoint!
I am a sucker for BBQ and would eat it everyday.  If you are in Charlotte I would suggest McKoy's BBQ It was bangin!

On a side note.....while in NC at the Agchat conference the unveiling of #flatryan took place. Have you heard of the flatstanley series that went around many classrooms across the country last year?  If you haven't no worries....you can learn all about it HERE!  FlatRyan was lucky enough to come home with me and right when we got home we had to go breed some cows.....he was nothing but thrilled

So stay tuned for more adventures that #flatryan will be on.....he is pretty pumped that Michigan State kicks off the football season tonight!  Go Green!!!


  1. Haha, thrilled for sure! 3D Ryan kinda gets excited for breeding season too. Glad that #flatryan is taking up the slack while I'm stuck in the office.

    And you're right, Charlotte had some awesome BBQ. Our next location has quite a feat to reach the high bar set. So glad you came to NC Taysha! btw, you missed a great concert Friday night.

    1. #flatryan sure doesn't clean up as easily after breeding however :). Not sure how the BBQ in Nashville is but if its in Austin next year I feel they can easily compete!! And I had no doubts that concert was amazing. Clearly shoulda drove!!!