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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cows before Cancer

While I have taken a new job outside of the cattle industry I still have quite a few past customers contact me to breed their cows.  Finding AI technicians around these parts can get difficult so many weekends this past month and into June I have found myself breeding cows.  I'm not complaining at all because cattle is truly my passion so its nice to stay in the industry and keep connected with past customers.

Last week I got a call from a gentleman whom I had bred cows for in the past and he was looking to get his cows bred again.  The routine normally goes as such:

"How many are you looking to breed and when would you like them bred?"

His answer was nothing out of the ordinary with "Whenever works for you.  I will work around your schedule."

Naturally I tell him I will check my schedule and get back to him because I have some stuff for work coming up and will be gone for a week at a sales meeting.  He calmly says "no problem, just let me know so I can make my doctors appt for after we breed them.  My cancer came back but I told the doc I'm not doing anything until my cows get bred."


I asked him "are you sure you don't want to get that taken care of first?  These cows will be here when you get back."

He quickly replied, "nope, these cows are what keeps me going. They are all I have."

Enough said!

At that moment all the things I had on my to do list seemed less important. It really struck me and made me think. While I started thinking I just got more frustrated with all those people out there that think these animals are just money makers for producers and they don't care about the welfare of  their animals.  Clearly these skeptics have no idea. Here is a man that is willing to put his cancer aside and make sure his cows get bred before he gets surgery and begins treatment.  That is truly a passion that has no boundaries.

Do you have a passion that you would put above all things, even cancer?

Have a great start to your week and don't forget: June is DAIRY Month!!!!  Go out and spoil yourself with some delicious ice cream and support your local dairy farmer!

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