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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Corn Update: The life of a corn seed part 2

We are coming up on a solid month since the corn was planted.  We finally got some rain which is a bonus seems as how everyone around us was getting it except us.  We also lucked out on the terrential downpour of 6+ inches that many areas received and came out with a lovely 2 inches of rain a couple weeks ago.  After the rains the corn has really taken off and greened up around the area.

While the corn has been basking in the sun and soaking up moisture an application of herbicide was sprayed on the corn to get rid of the weeds.  This is done so that the weeds don't over grow the corn because at that point the corn becomes the weed and the weeds uptake all the water.  If all goes well this will hopefully be the only application of herbicide needed.  Once the corn gets taller and leafs out it will keep the weeds from growing becuase the leaves keep sunlight from getting to the ground.

So just to refresh from the begining.......there has only been one application of herbicide applied to the corn and hopefully will be the only application.  Stay tuned to see what happens next as we get closer and closer to tassle!!!

Have a great week!!

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