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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Would you like to walk my cows in those loafers?

I'm not sure if it is that time of year for insurance and bank salesman to make their rounds but I have seen quite a few of them lately on my travels.  I was recently dropping off supplies and product (by product I mean semen but i feel product is more politically correct) at one of my customers dairies and I see this man walking towards me in a suit and loafers carrying his coffee and dodging manure spills in the drive.  The best part is I'm sure they guy thought they were mud holes..Ha!  Naturally he walks up to me and asks if I work there....negative ghostrider.  I explain to him where he can find the owner and he starts on his trek down the drive walking on tip toes.

I can't help but think to myself...what exactly does a producer think of a salesman at first impression that comes walking up in a suit and shiny loafers?  Being in sales quite a few years and calling on the lovely people I can tell you first hand that they rarely stop what they are doing to listen to your sales pitch.  Many times I have walked cow pens with these guys or hopped in the tractor and talked while spreading a round of manure.  Are you really gonna walk cows in those loafers?.....some may.

So here is my question.....should we be prepared attire wise for whom we are trying to approach?  Do farmers and ranchers immediately make a decision of your product or if they even want to speak to you by what you are wearing that day?  Should insurance salesmen ditch the suit and come in jeans and boots?  I thought this was a great question because I see so many salesmen show up all fancy to a cattle facility and I think....What really are you going to do?

I would love some input from producers who encounter these fancified salesmen to know if it makes a difference on listening to their pitch or if you don't even noticed or care how they are dressed.

Have a great week and stay tuned because I will be attending my first ever World Dairy Expo!!!


  1. Normally when a salesman like this shows up I am pretty busy but let them know that I am willing to listen if he wants to talk as we walk. It always amazes me at how many of them are not willing to walk through the barnyard and head back to their car before they have a chance to finish the sale.

  2. agreed. Showing up overdressed shows just the same amount of "out of touch"-ness with your customer as showing up in raggy cutoffs, flip flops, and a dirty t-shirt. I'm not in Ag sales but am in "industrial" sales. I wear khaki pants, with work boots. Looks professional but I'm not afraid to walk out on a greasy shop floor or climb up on a muddy machine.