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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

GIVEAWAY!! #WorthTheFight

If any of you read my blog post yesterday you got to get a little preview of Cody Canada and The Departed's new single Worth The Fight that will be on their new album ADVENTUS that is released November 13.  You also got to see a few examples of why my passion for agvocating the Ag industry is Worth The Fight. 

This whole thing got started by Carrie Mess having an idea to incorporate agvocating Ag by showing what we think is Worth The Fight with promoting The Departed's new single and seeing if bringing the two together could bring new followers and support to Ag.  Well I must say I believe she accomplished her goal!  The response was overwhelming and the support from The Departed was amazing!!  On twitter we used the hashtag (#) #WorthTheFight to promote the blog posts and to show what we fought for and by mid day The Departed had shared all of our posts on both their facebook page and twitter.  It was neat to see the comments from people such as "we love to see all your farming friends supporting your single".  I had more traffic to my blog in just that day yesterday than I think I have since I started blogging.

Now onto the Giveaway.....

Since I was thoroughly impressed with Cody Canada and The Departed's support and sharing our posts and tweets I want to share a little Departed merchandise with you!!  How exciting is that?  Since their new album will be coming out in November I will be giving away their current album This Is Indian Land.  I purchased this album the day it was released and let me tell you it is kick ass!  I may have every single album that Cross Canadian Ragweed ever released and Cody Canada is by far one of the most talented people you could meet.  He could play the spoons and still make a kick ass album.  Along with the album you will get their awesome trucker hat.....who doesn't need one of those?

All you have to do to be entered in the giveaway is....

1.) Become a follower of the blog and leave a comment that you follow or if your already a follower comment you follow

2.) Share this giveaway on either twitter or facebook.

The winner will be announced Monday September 17.

Good Luck!!!!