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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wise words from a dairy farmer

Being a 26 year old female with no children yet is a hard concept for many of my cattle customers to wrap their heads around. I am asked weekly "so when are you having kids?". I never understood why everyone gets so concerned. Do my ovaries shrivel up and die at age 27?

While sitting and talking to a customer yesterday the conversation quickly went from discussing his new nutritionist to the predictable question of children. Mind you he has asked this question multiple times with my answer usually being maybe when I'm 30. Well this time I really gave him my thoughts. It went a little like this.....

Children? I can't think of children right now! If my husband doesn't stop buying land maybe I could have children! It's expensive. I don't know how people own 1000's of acres. It clearly must be handed down generations because it's expensive! Plus I have a school loan I'm paying on! It's also I long commitment. 18 YEARS!! Plus I enjoy my freedom and vacationing. Then you have the issue of what if they grow up hating you. Don't you watch the news? They will probably just grow up and kill me for my prescription meds when I'm old. Those were my thoughts.

He looked at me for a couple seconds and said......Taysha stop being selfish. If you want to farm you will farm. It doesn't matter if you have 5 acres or 5000. If you enjoy it you will do it whether you own or have to rent land. Just enjoy it. Also if you wait to "have" money to have children you will never have any. It always works itself out. Trust me. Lastly if you raise your children around Christ I can almost guarantee they won't kill you for your meds.

Well that shut me up pretty quick. I had no rebuttal. We went back to talking cattle. Now don't get me wrong I'm not gonna run home and start having children but I may not be as freaked out in a couple years when I decide it's time to bring a little junior into the world.

You never know where you may learn your next life lesson. In my case it came from a veteran dairy farmer standing in a barn full of cattle.


  1. I get this question all the time too. The fact is right now my new husband and I are happy with it just being him and I. That will change one day, but in the meantime we are Ok with how things are.