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Monday, August 20, 2012

Exhaust, dirt, sunburn, dehydration......my weekend wrap up!!

Over the weekend I spent my time smelling exhaust, getting covered in dirt and dust, and getting a "slight" sunburn as well at the National Tractor Pulling Championship in Bowling Green, Ohio.  Now if you have never heard of this you definitely need to check it out.  People take trucks, tractors, and semis and soup them up with huge motors even jet engines and pull a weight sled down a track in hopes of getting a FULL PULL.  A full pull is when you pull the weight sled 300 feet.  It may sound lame to some but believe me it is a good time. 

Growing up in Northwest Ohio we were fortunate enough to live close to this event and my father took us girls all the time growing up.  The tradition has continued and a group of us went down and camped the whole weekend.  While it is only and hour and a half drive for us people drive from all over the country to get there.   It is crazy what you take for granted when things are so close to you. 

One of the greatest aspects for me about going to the tractor pull is it is like going to an Owens Community College class reunion.  I went to Owens and got my associates in Agri-business management and spent 2 years with the same 15 people and you become pretty close friends.  Since we all apparently have the same interest I got to see most of the friends I graduated with which is always a good time.

Now to show you some of the action that I witnessed over the weekend and maybe get some of you to gain a little interest :)

Here is one of the pulling tractors

One of the pulling trucks....not quite like what you see driving down the road

Here is one of the pulls in action

And here is another...

When you sit in the sun from noon until the sun goes down you will more than likely have a sunburn....epic fail on my part.  Thankfully Walgreen's has this amazing spray on aloe that takes away the pain......kind of.  Well I hope you enjoy me weekend update and go out and check out some pulls!!

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