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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Uninformed ignorance

While out here in Denver we were shopping around and stopped into a leather and fur shop where I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely vegetarian (insert sarcasm). So this lady was telling us how she is a vegetarian because she does not agree with how animals are slaughtered and killed. At this point there were a million things going through my head. I asked her what about slaughter she doesn't agree with and she told me that they slice their throats and let them bleed to death. I was in shock and ready to retaliate. I calmly asked her if she has ever been to a slaughter house and where she saw that happen. She said she saw it in NEW ZELAND. really? I then told her she needs to go to a slaughter house in the USA because we have some of the most humane regulations on slaughter and the USDA enforces them very strictly.

At this point the lady really didn't have a response. I then asked her if she is a vegetarian and against slaughter then why is she working in a leather and fur shop? She says that she justifies it by saying that obviously the best animals are used and they have a very good life.

This makes it very evident to me that she really didn't know what she was talking about and by forming such a strong opinion perhaps you should get the facts straight before u start throwing out accusations. Slaughter houses welcome tours and visitors all the time so if you are questioning practices go see for yourself!

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