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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reflections of 2011......what I learned about myself and life in general

So as i was looking at everyone post the best of's for the year I thought it would be fun to reflect on what i learned about myself and life in general from 2011.  Now some of these i didn't just realize in 2011 but they were definitely brought to my attention more this year.  So here ya go...........

  • Kindness is easily taken advantage of 
  • People don't hesitate to ask for favors but hesitate to return them
  • Losing weight is 90% diet and 10% working out
  • Everyone will eventually get cancer. early detection is key
  • Everyone i know is pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or already has children
  • Traveling is my passion
  • Agriculture is my life
  • Cattle, turquoise, and cowboy boots are my obsessions
  • No matter how hard you try it is inevitable u will wrinkle
  • The government has no idea what is going on or how to fix it
So those are just a few things that i either realized this year or was brought to my attention much stronger than usual.   Now it is on to the resolutions....now they say that you are to make a resolution that is achievable.  you can always try the weight loss thing but that just drives me bananas trying to keep track so i will just continue to work out weekly and (try) to eat better with the help of  my amazing trainer Michele. I tried the whole have a better attitude towards my job and coworkers but that lasted only a solid 3 hours.  So I am going with give back monthly.  I thought it would be a grand idea to give back in some way be it to a charity or pay off someones layaway that appears to be in need, work at a soup kitchen....you get the idea.   So that is my goal!  I will be updating monthly on my give back so if you don't see one then i clearly failed.

Happy New Year all and i hope 2012 is a prosperous and happy year for everyone!

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