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Monday, November 28, 2011

Naile, Thanksgiving, and everything in between!

Alright so here is a quick wrap up of the last couple of weeks.....

NAILE was a huge success and a ton of fun!  ABS had some great success in the ring with some of our bulls offspring making it to the top.  Just to name a few for all of you Angus breeders these are a couple bulls you will want to keep your eye on or maybe add to your breeding program: Brilliance and Brave!!!

In addition to the great shows the shopping at the country store was amazing as well!  The best part of all I would have to say was the Hot Beef Sundae!!!

I know your mouth is salivating as you look at this!!

Another highlight of the last couple weeks would have to be that my trunk show boots finally arrived!!!  This is one of the coolest opportunities of any boot lover out there.  The Mule Barn down in Madisonville Texas has a trunk show every year and it allows you to create your very own boot!  Anderson Bean and Rios of Mercedes bring in all of their leather options and you literally pick your sole, foot leather, and color leather for shaft.  You can also put any inlay or design on them that you wish.  These are my latest creation.....

They are caimen horn back alligator boot with green leather and S inlay for State!!!  Go Spartans!!!  Pretty amazing huh?!!

Last but not least Thanksgiving was great.  Busy as usual but great to see all the family and eat the delicious foods that everyone made!  Now it is time to prepare for Christmas!

Have a great week!

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