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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Buy American made!!!!

As I was watching the news tonight they brought up a very interesting fact.....if everyone spent $64 on products made in the USA it would create 200,000 jobs! I try as often as possible to purchase American made products. It can get difficult at times but every little item counts. There are many websites that list American made products to help you with your Christmas list this year, for example www.americansworking.com lists the item such as boots and then gives you a list of companies that produce the item in America!!

Just to share with you my favorite American made product it would have to be my Anderson Bean Boots! All Anderson Bean Boots are handcrafted in Texas and they are by far the most comfortable and durable boot I've ever owned!! So for all you cowboy boots lovers like myself try a pair of Anderson Beans and you will never own a different brand......guaranteed!!!

Go out and buy American!!!!!!!

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  1. Love it. I'll be sure to check out the website! and maybe even pintrest...