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Monday, May 7, 2018

What parenting REALLY looks like

Let's have some real talk for a minute.  I follow a ton of blogger and social media influencers that show a home life that "appears" to be clean and picture perfect. I mean lets be real, is your house really that clean all the time with 4-5 children under 9?!?!  Let's also discuss how all of the houses are white!  Everything is all white!  How do you have a ton of kids under 10 and a white house that is completely clean all the time?  

If this is in fact the case and your house is completely clean and white all the time with no help from the outside word, then you my friend are a much more organized person than I.  I find myself thinking "I am really dropping the ball here because my house if rarely organized and definitely not white."   Then after a few minutes of self pity I just think to myself "well we must have more time for fun then!"  

To try and help balance all the clean white fancy house photos out there, here is what my house looks like on the daily with 2 children under 3.  It may just make you feel better about yourself.  You're welcome :) 

Pretty sure I have dishes on the counter that need washed 90% of the time!

This is real life right here.  Dirty bottles, paint on the wall from the kitchen remodel from 3 years ago, and toys everywhere are my real life.  I'm pretty sure that toys only stayed put away for a hot 10 minutes before they are dumped all over again!

Happy Monday friends!

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  1. Our houses look similar. :) I tell people, if you judge me by the way my house looks - we don't need to be friends. Lol, but really - I mean that. And I agree with you about the more time for fun!