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Monday, June 6, 2016

The self feeding stage: the WORST

You guys, this is no joke.  I have found the worst stage of babyhood.  Self feeding.  I find myself looking back at when we first introduced food to wyatt and it was so clean.  I fed him, he opened his mouth, it was a great system.  Minus the occasional rubbing his hands all over his face and putting food in all crevasses that food shouldn't be, it was pretty calm and clean.  Not any more........

 this was a mild day........
I'm seriously considering doing away with the highchair all together.  I would be time ahead.  I will just screw some straps into the floor and put his food in front of him and then he will lose the lovely sensation to chuck it onto the floor.  It will already be there,  My son is precious.  If i am minding my own business he eats his food fine.  The minute i look at him, he throws it on the floor.   What kind of sick game is this child?  Forget the getting him to use a spoon because that lasts a hot minute in his hand and it is so gracefully thrown across the kitchen.  Since he has the hand to mouth thing mastered, can we just go back to me feeding him?

We also no longer want to eat yogurt, applesauce, or cottage cheese because he can't pick it up with his hands so we literally scream through eating it.  WHY are they so dramatic?

cute but ornery
Just a word to the wise, if you stop over and see straps screwed into the kitchen floor, understand that this is how i will now be feeding my child until this stage is over, and not some torture tactic.  So calm yourself.

Have a great week!

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