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Friday, April 8, 2016

Milestones with a side of denial

I have this inner struggle where I want to see my son experience all the things of growing up, and then I cry because he is growing up.  When people told me that it happens so fast, I didn't believe them.  Dude, they weren't lying.

March was a huge month for baby Wyatt. He got his first tooth, and started crawling.  I was so ready for him to crawl, so that he wouldn't whine all the time when I wasn't in his face to entertain him......but as you can imagine, I would love to go back to that stage.  It all happened so fast. My friend came over with her 14 mo old twins who were crawling and moving everywhere.  Wyatt peacefully sat in his activity center and watched the madness.  The next day, i'm pretty sure he was like "awe hell no", i'm not sittin here anymore.  If they can do it then so can I.  He took off crawling!

Our first attempt at crawling

Now I watch him crawling all over the place, eating normal people food instead of purees, and I want to cuddle him up and pretend his is a newborn.  But without his newborn screaming because that was terrible.

Now with all of that being said, you would think that a child that can crawl all over the place, and push himself up to sit after crawling would be able to flip himself over when he rolls on his back at night.  Heavens no! We get a blood curdling scream.  I'm like, "really dude", how is this life ending for you?  I suppose I will embrace the moments when he still wants me to console him from that horrible back laying. :)

Happy start to the Weekend!!

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