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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Amber teething, real or woo?

My lil peanut is starting to chew on everything.......I mean everything. Most of his time is spent shoving a burp rag in his mouth to chew on.  I'm no rocket scientist but I assume this is the beginning of teething no?  Lots of drool and chewing.  Sure fire signs right?

I see a TON of moms out there putting these necklaces on their kids and claiming that it is the miracle cure for the teething woes.  I am a fan of anything that relieves my kid of pain and takes him from angry panda to happy baby.  I decided to look into this miracle cure. 

(from google, of course)

I am a fan of science.  I feel that science proves many things in life.  Naturally I went to the science of these teething necklaces.   I had a hard time finding anything that shows evidence of these working.  Before you chew my head off, I'm not saying they don't work, I'm just saying there isn't much science to support them.  DO NOT start sending me links to mother jones or natural news with articles of how they work.   We won't be friends.  They are not an unbiased source of info.  Just saying

So here are a few questions to all the amber wearing teething moms out there.  I would love your thoughts and insight to help me make a decision as to if I use these.

1.)  Here is where I have a hard time.  Apparently it lets off this natural analgesic substance called succinic acid which is to be what relieves gum pain.  Wouldn't the concentration need to be pretty strong to be able to absorb through the skin, into the blood stream, and make it to the point of pain?  There is only around 1.4mg of said succinic acid in these necklaces.  To put that in perspective, in a regular dose of children s tylenol there is 160mg of acetaminophen which is your pain killer.  This is why I just find this hard to believe.  Not saying it isn't, I'm just saying the science isn't there to make me a believer.

2.) How in God's name do you put something around your babies neck and not fear of choking?  Didn't they remove the strings in sweatshirts and coats because of fear of choking?  Now we voluntarily will put something around their neck?  Gives me anxiety.  What if it breaks and they swallow the beads?  what if they get their hand tangled up in it?  These are questions I have?

So for all you amber wearing moms out there, share with me your success stories, becuase as of now, I have serious doubts.  Make me a believer.  Plus I just don't see my husband allowing me to put a necklace on his baby boy.  Ha!! 

Happy Day!

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  1. I have three little ones and have/had the same thoughts as you regarding these necklaces. I never choose to use them. I used the old "give 'em a spoonful of whiskey" advice! Just kidding ;)