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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas in The Country Reveal

While I realize that it is a touch past Christmas, and when I say a touch I realize it's clearly well past, but nonetheless while it is a current blizzard outside with temps of -10 degrees their is no other time than the present to catch up on a lil blogging!

This Christmas I participated in the wonderful gift swap that is held by the lovely Lauri Link of countryLINKED and Jamie Rhoades of This Uncharted Rhoade. This is such a fun swap because it focuses on local handmade gifts.  I always enjoy going out and getting goodies for the person I am partnered up with because it reminds you about all the cool local stuff that is made so close to home! 

I was given the name of a fabulous farm gal from Canada.  I instantly went to town to get some gifts!  She is a cattlewoman that loves to snow shoe.  I guess when you are in Canada that is a pretty good hobby to have!  Here is a sneak peak of what I sent which you can find on her blog Buttons Thoughts 

Photo from Buttons Thoughts (I forgot to take one :/ )

I in turn received a gift from a lovely blogger from Missouri.  She blogs at Penn to Paper.  She did such a great job of gift selection.  We give a description of our likes and hobbies to give them an idea.  Well she nailed it.  

I received this adorable cow chalkboard with nails at the bottom to hang items from.  This fits my color decor in my kitchen perfectly!!  I also love this pillow which is a great reminder whenever you read it.  And last but not least the thirty one bag.  I can always use a lil organization in my life so this was perfect to do just that!

This is such a great way to meet new people and you all should plan on participating next year!  You will love it! In the meantime, stay warm out there!  Winter has finally hit here in Ohio.  I hope it is much warmer where you are at! 



  1. Oh I love my gift, thank you I have already had bloggers ask where you found the feed bag:). What a nice gift you received. I loved participating in this and certainly will join in next year. Nice getting to meet new friends. Oh by the way it is snowing so i may get to go snowshoeing after all this year, I think you would love it if you seen the things I see back in the middle of nature. But it is a bit cold for my taste here too:) Take care and thank you so much. B

  2. I really love that bag you sent to Buttons, it's so neat! I love that cow sign you received as well, so cute. Thanks for participating and linking up!!

  3. You have such a giving heart Taysha! I loved being your person last year and am so glad that you joined us again this year. Enjoy your gifts and stay warm! :)