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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring.......where art thou?

It is currently snowing and we are expecting 2 inches of snow....is this real life?  I love snow and all and secretly enjoy it when everyone else is complaining about it, but........even I've had enough!!!!
Coincidentally enough it is snowing and I'm watching the movie The Holiday.....perhaps I'm confused as to what month it is!!

As I sit here mourning the lack of sun and warmth (however the weather just must be drunk because tomorrow it's supposed to be 54 degrees!!! woo hoo) there is nothing that brightens my mood better than a little MAKEUP!!!!  I was honored to get to co host this springs beauty swap over on the Crystal Cattle Blog

I finally got to meet the fabulous Crystal at this years National Western Stock Show in Denver after years of being "social media" friends.  She is just as fab in person as she is online!

So back to the beauty swap.  It is super fun and incredibly easy to participate in.  Here's the jist.  You go over to Crystal Cattle's Blog......(click here) and sign up at the bottom of the post.  She will set you up with a partner and you guys will email each other and get to know one another. The best part?  You get to connect with someone new!!!  Then you get to go shopping!!!!  Who doesn't love a little shopping of beauty products to put you in a great mood?  Ship out your package and voila you receive a package too of fun products you may already love or new ones you will begin to love!

So what are you waiting for?  Head over by April 4th and get yourself signed up!!!!


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  1. I'm so glad that you are hosting this with me!