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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Commercials....#AmericasFarmers

The day is upon us......when we get together in large groups and eat an insane amount of wings and other delicious finger foods that we all seem to regret later.....ah yes its the super bowl.  They say its the second biggest day after the new year that people again try to start to diet the day after (ain't that the truth!)

I don't watch professional football.  For some reason I just can't get into it.  College football on the other hand I am obsessed with (Go Spartans!)  I honestly wouldn't even know who was playing in the super bowl if it wasn't for the fact that I was out in Denver the other week when the broncos were playing for the spot in the big game.  I was sitting in the airport waiting for a flight home when the whole airport erupted into cheers.  My sense of elimination told me they must have won.

While i don't watch pro football I do find myself watching the game for the commercials. You all remember last year right?  If not here is a recap of the famous Dodge Ram Commercial.  I'm hoping that this year is just as profound.  I love seeing farmers and ranchers promoted on the big screen!!!!  I have seen early releases of commercials and I have to tell you that you need to be on the look out for the Chevy commercial.  It is amazing!!

Another commercial that will be airing around the country is one from Americas Farmers featuring someone that I have actually had the opportunity to meet and hear speak through some of my social media events and that is Debbie Blythe from Life on a Kansas Cattle Ranch.  She was also chosen as Farm Mom of the Year!!
The commercial is pretty amazing in the fact that it shows a split screen of how even if you are from the farm or live in the suburbs everyday begins with a farmer.  Check out the commercial here....

There are a total of 12 farm families that have been recognized so feel free to check out all the commercials and head over to Americas Farmers to meet the other families and learn a little something about them!
I hope you all have a great Super Bowl Sunday and remember......your new years resolution can always begin again tomorrow :)


This post was created in partnership with Americas Farmers. All opinions are my own

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