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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dr. Oz...You're just as uninformed as the rest

I don't know if many of you had heard about GMO's (genetically modified organisms) recently but it is all over the news.  And when I say all over I mean ALL over....from your television to newspaper to every social media outlet out there.  It has gotten quite the buzz lately due to Prop 37 out in California that would like all GMO products to be labeled. 

I have a lot of thoughts on this subject but I feel if I start ranting I may go on longer than you would like to read.  So to get to the point of this blog post:  I watched the episode of Dr Oz on GMO's......wow.  He starts off by telling how they are bad and we are making "frankenfoods" with no proof to back up his scare tactics and then so graciously takes a poll on who would buy GMO's if they were labeled.  Well of course 80% said no.  Thats like taking a group of people to a swamp and telling them that there MAY be gators in the water but we have never seen any...but they MAY be in there....who wants to jump in? Duh!  After that his wonderful powerpoint goes on to blame Monsanto...naturally.  I mean Syngenta and Dupont are also using GMO technology but that must be ok right?  Only Monsanto is evil?  This just proves that your need to do your own research instead of listening to a "celebrity" doctor who doesn't even have his own facts straight.

Here is a letter to the Dr. Oz show from a professor from the University of Ilinois that was asked to be on the show but was not able to attend.....check it out here

Ellen Malloy is a very outspoken anti GMO person who recently toured Monsanto and wrote a very eye opening post about her visit.  I encourage you all to check it out at One Hundred Meals.  She pretty much nails it.  They are creating a product that the consumer wants because the consumer is buying it.  Monsanto labels their seeds for the farmer.  The farmer delivers the product to the elevator labeled.  It is then purchased by a company to create yummy foods for you which is where the label is lost.  Now who's to blame?

Bottom line to my rant is that I feel we all should have choices and you need to be educated about your choices.  this means find real evidence and not what some uninformed celebrity doctor has to say.  there is no need to try to force everyone to think the same and agree on everything.  It just won't happen.  If you feel strongly about something then influence it with your purchasing power.  Demand speaks volumes.

End rant-good day!


  1. I have been voting with my shopping dollars, and I have told my neighborhood market which foods I have stopped purchasing in their aisles. It's ok to want GMOs in your food. Personally, I choose to avoid it. I would just like my food labeled so I can make that choice quickly. Until then, I will spend 45 more minutes in the store, buying two bags of groceries, and spending an hour or
    More making my food from scratch to assure myself and my family that our food is free of GMOs.

  2. Heather I commend you for using your voting power by purchasing what you believe in. It is great we all have choices and are able to do so. You mentioned you want a label.....did you know the certified organic label means GMO free as well? We already have a voluntary label out there.