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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Scott Shelby...take a listen to this guy!!!

So most of you may know by now that I love music and love anything that may not be mainstream.  Texas country is my absolute favorite and I love finding new bands and singers that are trying to make it big.  Most of them write their own music and you can just feel the passion in their songs because most of them tell a story of real life circumstances. 

I was recently introduced to the music of Scott Shelby who is an aspiring singer and animal enthusiast.  I was slightly skeptical because I have heard music from many aspiring singers that has been amazing and really bad.   Well let me just say I was blown away.  His voice is amazing and there definitely is a big future ahead for this guy.  I want you all to take a listen....

Another cool thing about Scott Shelby is that his love for cattle definitely shines through.  All exhibitors that are showing at any Junior National show gets a free CD!! How cool is that!

Take a listen and have a great weekend!!

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