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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fashion Fabulous!

Well hello again......so it has been quite some time since I have posted anything and I am truly sorry however being a man down at work has made for early mornings and late nights.  I can only imagine that you all have been patiently waiting for a post....haven't you....

So I figured today I would post about some fabulous fashion that has caught my eye lately and may be obsessed with.... Normally I would fill you in on some amazing agriculture facts but we are gonna go a different direction today.  I would tell you that I may have purchased then amazing pieces but then my husband might leave me so I will just have to leave you wondering...:)  Now for all you men that are not too keen on fashion you can take a hint and maybe get your mom something fabulous for mothers day or even just your significant other.

Now while most of you that know me would see me covered in cow poop wearing jeans and a tshirt on a daily basis but I do have an extreme love for fashion and loud accessories and rock a killer outfit whenever possible (which may happen once a week if I'm lucky).  Here are a few of my favorite pieces as of lately and feel free to add them to your closet as well.

Alright so I absolutely LOVE everything about Gypsy Soule.  Their accessories, clothing, and shoes are beyond amazing.  I recently purchased my first pair of gypsy soule flip flops.....if you love bling you will love these
If any of you have an obsession for cowboy boots then I'm sure you are very familiar with Old Gringo.  They make some of the most amazing detailed boots around.  I love the color yellow and boots so these were an absolute have to have!
Last but not least a staple for the spring and summer this year would have to be a colorful pair of skinny jeans!!  I found these from Rustic Rose and they are the perfect color!!  You can find them on facebook!
Well that's all my fashion fabulousness for the night.  I hope you all enjoy and have a great week!!!!

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