Monday, December 15, 2014

Heaven Gained an Angel......This One's for You Grandma

As a child you don't really think about death.  I pretty much believed that all my relatives would live forever.  I mean at 8 years old, getting to be 90 is practically an eternity!  Even into my 20's it seemed that all my family will again remain in my life for as long as I'm here.  Is that because I have been spoiled and for the majority of my life thus far, and all of my family has been here......I guess you could say that.

Well all of that changed last night at 1am when I received a call from my mom saying grandma had passed away.  While she had been in hospice for the past week and in the back of my mind I knew it would happen at some point, I still didn't fully believe it would happen.  I mean it's your grandma....they live forever, right?

My granny was pretty legit.  I mean she was the All American Grandma.  The grandma that I aspire to be just like one day.  She was the best noodle maker this side of the Mississippi and could make one mean sugar cookie.  She had to have known she was a badass noodle maker as she made sure to give us girls a noodle machine as our wedding gift.  One must carry on the tradition, right?  She could also whip you up a quilt in no time flat and had no problem sharing her thoughts on any matter.  I mean at 93 years old I'm pretty sure you are allowed to say whatever you want.   You have put your time in.

A large part of my childhood was spent at my grandmas.  Since she lived only a mile and a half down the road it was the perfect meeting place for all of the cousins to congregate. Spending the night at grandmas was like Christmas because we stayed up all night and raided her stash of mt dew and oatmeal cream pies. (Which could probably contribute to my lack of ever being a size 2).  We spent many days building tree houses and forts or just exploring the old barns.  Memories to last a lifetime.

Saturday night I held the hand of my grandma while I kissed her forehead, told her I love you, and fully expected to see her again.  She squeezed my hand and returned the I love you.  Life is short folks.  It makes you appreciate the good times and makes you wish you had time for just a few more.

Rest In Peace Grandma.  While you get to reunite with grandpa you will be dearly and greatly missed.

Monday, December 8, 2014

December CFBP.......Baby It's Cold Outside

So while this may be the theme of this months blog party link up, I must admit that it has been pretty mild in these parts lately.  I even heard it may reach close to 50 degrees this coming week.  For December in Ohio that is pretty rare.  Last year I'm pretty sure we were under a ridiculous amount of snow.  If you can tell I'm not complaining in the slightest.  I will take 50 degrees in December any day!

As mentioned at the beginning.......our December blog party link up is "Baby it's Cold Outside".  That means share with us anything and everything that reminds you of winter and the holidays.  I can't wait to see what everyone has to share since i procrastinate every year when it comes to the holidays  and deciding what to buy/make for people and what dish to take to family gatherings.  So give me some inspiration friends!

Be sure to check out the other lovely hosts as well!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

November is a time to Party!

I mean what month isn't a good time to party in all honesty? Can y'all believe it is November already?  This year is flying by!  I recently had my 1st annual 29th birthday this month!  Woo Hoo for never turning 30 right?!  As you can probably already tell, with a new month comes a new blog party theme!  This month we are all about the Giving (as you quickly start to sing "all about that bass")  I know you did. :)

One of the new additions to the party is we have some new and lovely co-hosts!  I will share with you a lil about them for your viewing pleasure!

Nicole shares about her life on a Kansas farm and ranch over at Tales of a Kansas Farm Mom. Her and her husband raise boys, cattle, wheat, corn, grass and soybeans on their family farm. Her days can be unpredictable, sometimes comical, sometimes heart wrenching, but always fulfilling to those who are lucky to be farmers.

Jan, the chick behind Tip Garden, grew up a Kansas farm girl. She now lives in the big city out in the South East. She works 2 jobs outside the home, in addition to her favorite "jobs" of wife and mother!  She knows what being a busy woman is, short on time, and always feeling 2 steps behind and she loves time & money saving ideas!

Caitlin, of Belongs With Wildflowers, a 20-something living on the East Coast of the United States. After a decade chasing college degrees and career ladders, I began blogging as a creative outlet to reconnect with myself. Blogging pushed me to look at what happiness meant to me (and it was found in the most surprising of places). 
I’m learning about agriculture, beekeeping, chickens, goats, herbalism, and organic farming to begin my farm and homestead in the next year. In the meantime, I spend my days chasing adventures with Michael (lovingly called ‘my guy’ and ‘my beau’),with an awfully adorable fur-little family in tow.

Jamie, of This Uncharted Rhoade, is a Midwestern girl. 25 years old. Married to her best friend. Passionate about agriculture. Has a fantastic job working with animals and amazing, smart people. Fixing up their one bedroom house into a home. Happiest when surrounded by open fields and cows. She's been known exaggerate a little bit and sometimes has potty mouth (sorry mom).

Laurie is a country gal from Missouri. She was born and raised a farm girl and feels very blessed to be back on the family farm with her husband and children. Laurie loves sharing about life on the farm and living in the country as well as her photography. Every day is different on the farm, so you never know what you might see when you visit COUNTRY LINKED.

Danielle was born an Urban Cajun, transformed into a Rural Okie and now blazing through life as a Kentucky Wife. She writes about my life, faith, my fur-child Oliver, over share about the handsome fella I married and mix it all in with some agriculture flavor on the (sometimes hysterical, but always honest) High Heels and Shotgun Shells.

So now that you know all about everyone, go find your favorite post about giving or anything Thanksgiving related and link it up for all the world to see!  


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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fall Beauty Swap

I've said it before and I'll say it again...this is the greatest thing on social media ever!!  If anyone of you know of a better activity than meeting someone new and sharing your favorite beauty items please let me know.  I doubt you can find one!  Crystal Cattle is a pure genius for coming up with this!

This time I was paired up with the lovely Melanie over at The Traveling Cowgirl.  I knew this girl was going to be pretty legit as when we contacted each other she was on her way to Round Top, TX to visit Junk Gypsy!  Any girl that likes the Junk Gypsy's is alright in my book!  She sent me some amazing new finds that I can't wait to share with y'all

Here are my absolute favorites!

I was told that NARS is very comparable to MAC but just cheaper.  I was skeptical because I am a MAC lover to the extreme.  I was pleasantly surprised!  I received this Matte Lip Pencil and I have worn it out multiple times and love it!

I also received this Sephora Lipstick in Deep Mauve.  I love this one too! I am loving these fall colors of mauve and burgundy!  You guys seriously need to try these two.  You won't be disappointed.

Now when you wear darker colored lipstick, many times the color will bleed up your face.  It isn't pretty.  Every time you glance in the mirror you notice the lipstick has moved all the way up to your nostrils.  Real life.  This product is a must have!!!  It is a clear lip liner that keeps your lipstick from bleeding.  Genius!

I also received the Buxom Mascara Bar as well as the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara.  These are both great products!  I have a couple buxom glosses that I love so was excited to try their mascara.  I have tried a couple different urban decay mascaras and this one didn't disappoint either.

I also received the Ole Henriksen Brightening Cleansing Cloth.  These are divine!  I love a great cleansing cloth that doesn't leave my face feeling greasy or gross.  These are great!  Last but not least I got mint lip balm.  Those are great!  My puppy actually got hold of my old one so this was perfect timing for a replacement!

Now go out and get these!  You won't be disappointed!


Friday, October 24, 2014

Fall Fashion Must Haves!!

Fall is pretty much my favorite time of year.  It cools down, which is the best part of the changing season.  My fat doesn't like to sweat.  You also get to start wearing jeans and not sweating your ass off, as well as long sleeves and hooded sweatshirts.  As you can imagine that while my fat doesn't like to sweat I hate showing off too much of my untoned skin.  The more clothing the me.

I thought I would share with you some fall staples that I have that I cannot wait to show off this season!

To start off, if you guys aren't following Betsy's Boutique you need to start right now.   Seriously, go right now and start following them on facebook and then you can come back and finish this post.  It's that important!

I am lucky enough to live close enough to visit this store in person.  It is conveniently located by our seed warehouse so it is almost imperative that I stop when I'm in the area right?  The last time I was in the area I stopped in and picked up these great items!

 This awesome coat with leather sleeves on sale!!.  This coat is a classic staple.  I am loving the leather detail this season and can't wait to rock this coat on a night out!

The top is also from Betsy's Boutique.  I love the pattern on the sleeves and back of the shirt with a simple plain front.  Another of my favorite fall staples is colored jeans!  These are great to tuck into boots.  These burgundy jeans I recently got at American Eagle.

Speaking of boots........even if we weren't there is always a reason to speak of them!
I got these boots a while back and they are pretty much the most badass boots around!  They really will go with any season but I will for sure be rocking these all fall!!  They are the Old Gringo Charquira Eagle Boot

What are some of your fall favorites for the season?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Party Favorites - CFBP

Harvest, cool temps, amazing sunsets, everything pumpkin......that is what fall is to me!  We have had some amazing entries for our blog party this month and I can't wait to share with you my favorites! Our theme this month is fall (naturally) so you can imagine that some of the posts contained my favorite things that were mentioned above.

Without further ado......My Favorites!

I love this post because as harvest picks up finding easy meals to take to the field to not only my farmer but to customers that we are taking a plot off or side by side is so helpful!  I love quick, easy, and tasty!

Spicy Stuffed Acorn Squash- The Tip Garden

I love acorn squash and I love spicy, so you can imagine this was an easy pick for me!  I can't wait to give it a try this week.  I actually just picked up an acorn squash at the store yesterday so it was practically meant to be.

This post hits home for sure as i have been up in my deer stand for the past couple weeks since bow season has opened here.  We use the meat as a source of food and don't let anyone tell you different, deer is delicious!

Great post!!  I love how fall is explained in numbers and the long seasons.  My favorite quote from the post: "It takes optimism to begin, persistence to make it past the obstacles and through the inevitable mid season slump and grit to make the necessary adjustments and finish strong. "

I love anything DIY and especially made out of pallets. I seem to have a ton of pallets laying around all the time.  If I can put them to good use it is a win for me!!

So their you have it!  Those are my 5 favorites from our fall party thus far.  Be sure to stop by and check out any new posts and be sure to link up any of your favorites that remind you of fall!


Thursday, October 2, 2014

New and Improved Blog Party!

Am i normally late to the party?  Yes.  However, you know the fashionably late to make an entrance.  I feel that applies perfectly here!  If you didn't notice yesterday many of my fellow party hosts shared the new and improved Country Fair Blog Party!  If you didn't notice then perfect, you are about to find out now!

Here's the lowdown:

New and Improved: We are now only partying once a month.  We used to host a new party once a week but as life gets busy we feel this is a much better fit!  I think you will agree.

How it Works: The beginning of every month we will start a new party (or in my case maybe the second day).  All ya'll will share your amazing recipes, or DIY ideas, or just some great informational posts.  The hosts will then pick their favorites and must sees say around the middle of the month.

Best Part...: We are now themed!  Everyone loves a theme right?  This month naturally we will be doing fall!  I love fall and everything about it.  Deer hunting season opens, everything pumpkin flavored hits the shelves, amazing colors of nature, the cooler temps, and of course Halloween!  Don't forget the month of October is also National Pork Month!  That in itself deserves a party because who doesn't love bacon?!

How to Party Along: Be sure to join in the fun and link up one of your posts that has anything or everything to do with this amazing season of Fall!  Just click on the link at the bottom of the page and it will have you put in the URL of your post then you can add a picture if you like.  Bodda Bing, Bodda Boom, you are in!

Hosts: Currently their are 4 of us hosting this, NicoleDanielleLaurie, and myself.  We do love a good party so the more the merrier right?  We would love to have some of you also co-host with us!  If you are interested in hosting a party with us just shoot one of us a message and we will get you all set up!

Enjoy and happy linking!!