Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas in the country reveal!

One of my favorite things about the holidays is the annual Christmas in the Country gift exchange that some of my favorite blogger friends host!  There is nothing better than hand made gifts!  Luckily that is one of the requirements for this party!

This year my secret santa was Katie Pratt who blogs over at Rural Route 2.  She did such a great job at the gifts she selected!  I received popcorn that they grow on their farm as well as a home made sugar scrub.  I got a bottle of nail polish because.....you should always have your toes looking fresh!   I also received a jar of hot chocolate for those cold nights, and my favorite, a little note pad holder that holds a roll of paper that was hand made!  It was so creative!

For any of you bloggers out there, I encourage you to sign up next year.   It is a great way to meet other bloggers and share home made local gifts!

Friday, January 1, 2016

My Day with a Refugee

Happy New Year!  As I reflect on 2015, I quickly realize how blessed, spoiled, and fortunate I am.  My year mostly consisted of baby Wyatt coming into the world.  Then it consisted of baby Wyatt screaming for the first part of his life.  Now that we are past that and have a happy baby, my mind can wander to other more non important life events, such as......

Last week my favorite friend from the Husker the state came home to Michigan for the holidays.  We quickly planned a day to spend together.  What sounds like a good idea when you are wanting to catch up?  A spa day of course.  Our day started with talking to the receptionist about our jobs, which she told us we have such interesting lives.....I mean we told her I sell the grain and Lisa buys the grain.....or maybe it was the inseminating cattle and selling bull semen she found intriguing?  Anyway, this adorable older lady comes up and calls my name and it's time to start my facial......

I feel sometimes God throws subtle hints my way that I don't take the time to recognize, so then he throws a ton of bricks in my face to make me think, and that my friends is what happened this day.

Lupa was my spa day wizard.  She had been doing facials for 30+ years.  She had a strong Russian accent so I couldn't help but ask her what her story was.  Lupa was a refugee from the Former Soviet Union.  When her son was 4 years old, her and her husband realized they had to leave because of the genocide or they were not going to survive.  They made it to America and thanks to a church in Lansing that sponsors refugees, her and her family were given a place to stay.  She said that thanks to skype, she is able to see her family that were also placed all over the world.  Technology is amazing.

She was given $3 a day when they got over here and she said that their meals consisted of taking bread and putting it in a toaster to make croutons.  You then pour hot water over the croutons with a little bit of salt and that was their meal.  "For dessert, you just added a lil sugar", she said with a laugh. She then went on to say something I wish everyone could have heard.  She said,

"So many people today demand meat to be raised a certain way, and food to be grown a certain way.  They clearly have never experienced famine or starvation."

I pretty much jumped off the facial table and gave her a hug.  Yes!  Yes, I screamed!  She then went on to tell me about her childhood and how at Christmas they got oranges.  To them it was the greatest gift of all.  Also, payday for her father meant a piece of candy.  It was the little things but were such big things to them.

She said that seeing children today during the holidays open gifts and throw them aside because it wasn't what they wanted really makes her sad for them. She laughed and said they would be really disappointed if they grew up with her Christmas of an orange then. :)

Lupa is wise beyond her words.  She really made me think that day.  I don't remember the toys that I had or played with as a kid growing up, but I do remember the experiences.  I then decided that my resolution was to not worry about the "things" that I have or don't have, but more on the experiences.  That is also something I want my children to embrace.....but we have some time before we worry about that. :)  So here is to you Lupa in 2016.  You ended my 2015 with much to think about!

What are your resolutions for the year?!  Here's to a great 2016!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Amber teething, real or woo?

My lil peanut is starting to chew on everything.......I mean everything. Most of his time is spent shoving a burp rag in his mouth to chew on.  I'm no rocket scientist but I assume this is the beginning of teething no?  Lots of drool and chewing.  Sure fire signs right?

I see a TON of moms out there putting these necklaces on their kids and claiming that it is the miracle cure for the teething woes.  I am a fan of anything that relieves my kid of pain and takes him from angry panda to happy baby.  I decided to look into this miracle cure. 

(from google, of course)

I am a fan of science.  I feel that science proves many things in life.  Naturally I went to the science of these teething necklaces.   I had a hard time finding anything that shows evidence of these working.  Before you chew my head off, I'm not saying they don't work, I'm just saying there isn't much science to support them.  DO NOT start sending me links to mother jones or natural news with articles of how they work.   We won't be friends.  They are not an unbiased source of info.  Just saying

So here are a few questions to all the amber wearing teething moms out there.  I would love your thoughts and insight to help me make a decision as to if I use these.

1.)  Here is where I have a hard time.  Apparently it lets off this natural analgesic substance called succinic acid which is to be what relieves gum pain.  Wouldn't the concentration need to be pretty strong to be able to absorb through the skin, into the blood stream, and make it to the point of pain?  There is only around 1.4mg of said succinic acid in these necklaces.  To put that in perspective, in a regular dose of children s tylenol there is 160mg of acetaminophen which is your pain killer.  This is why I just find this hard to believe.  Not saying it isn't, I'm just saying the science isn't there to make me a believer.

2.) How in God's name do you put something around your babies neck and not fear of choking?  Didn't they remove the strings in sweatshirts and coats because of fear of choking?  Now we voluntarily will put something around their neck?  Gives me anxiety.  What if it breaks and they swallow the beads?  what if they get their hand tangled up in it?  These are questions I have?

So for all you amber wearing moms out there, share with me your success stories, becuase as of now, I have serious doubts.  Make me a believer.  Plus I just don't see my husband allowing me to put a necklace on his baby boy.  Ha!! 

Happy Day!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mommy guilt and other nonsense

Becoming a mom has shown me a whole new group of crazy.  Prior to popping out my lil nugget, most of the crazy I encountered were all the anti's that were on facebook.  Anti anything really and you could find a group of people so passionate about their beliefs that they were on the verge of needing white coats.......

So now that I am a mom, I find that my newsfeed on social media, and the fact that my computer knows my every move and suggests creepy things I may just be thinking about, suggests and shares all things mommy.  Recently the ol' interwebs are being bombarded with the "DO NOT PUT YOUR COAT ON YOUR CHILD IN ITS CARSEAT".  Holy hell.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine an image such as this could wreak such havoc among mothers of today

Naturally I am a sucker for the comments......it's like a bad train wreck, I can't look away.  This is where the crazy happens.  A mom from Minnesota comments that she will not be taking the coat off of her baby in -20 degree temps.  Her child is well secured and will be just fine.  Well that didn't sit well with another mother as she replies to Minnesota's comment with "I hope that you and your children die from your stupidity"..........Um.......Wha..........I just.........   Where did that even seem like a good idea?  Who are you to wish death upon another family because they don't seem to see your view as the same?  Just.  Wow..

Since curiosity kills me, I had to test this theory. I put a coat on my lil nugget.  Strap him in the car seat.  Pull the straps tight.  Take him out, take off coat, put him back in and strap up.   Unless the 1/8 of an inch difference could be the cause of my child flying out of that strapped in harness (highly doubtful) I will also be keeping the coat on him.  There literally was hardly any difference from taking the coat off.  So to the crazy death wishing mom......cool your jets.  Do you.

I just don't understand this mommy shaming/guilting that is happening in today's society.  Who are we to tell everyone how to raise their children?  Maybe you are in fact doing it wrong?  hmmmmmm?  It is never ending. How about we start lifting each other up instead of dragging each other down.  Lets be real, it's difficult enough to get ourselves and the kid around in the mornings and out the door with child in hand let alone remembering to strap him in the carseat.  (did that happen?  maybe so, maybe no......).
Happy Day!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I see those Judgy Eyes

Happy October friends!!  It has been a solid month since I have posted......as you can see that real life Wednesday idea was great in theory.......good effort.  If you haven't picked up by now, clearly the Gerber soothe formula was a life savor.  Life. Savor.  After about week 8 we have had nothing but a happy, smiling, laughing, lil bambino.  With that, life has pretty much flown by at an incredible pace and my peanut is now 4 months old and we are 10 Fridays away from Christmas!!  If that didn't give you anxiety I don't know what will.

Speaking of flying and time and babies...as if all of those things are in common, we come to the issue at hand.  Last week a group of my closest girl friends and myself, whom are all turning the dirty 30 soon, hopped on a plane and took a nice relaxing poolside vacation to Las Vegas for the weekend.  I know what you're thinking.  Yes you there judgy eyes.  You quickly glanced back up to the previous paragraph to see that I mentioned my child was 4 months old and you quickly made a comment in your head such as......she left her baby at 4 months old!?  I heard this numerous times.  I guess I am confused.

Many were quick to let me know that their child was 3 years old before they left them for the first time.  Another was sure to share that they couldn't imagine leaving their child that young!  How could I actually leave and have a good time?  Well here is how.  I suppose I am one of the lucky few (?) that married an incredibly responsible and nurturing father who is extremely capable of keeping our little one alive for the 3 days that I was away?

I mean I didn't really think anything of the trip until everyone started informing me of the timeline between the birth of their child and when they left them for the first time.  It usually ended with the same time frame of over a year old.  Don't get me wrong, I missed the lil peanut immensely and we face timed daily, but my question lies........why are we so quick to judge a mother for leaving the child in the hands of the father at a young age.  We don't bat an eye when the father leaves and the mother is home caring for the child do we?  Just a thought.......

If you were wondering, the weather was perfect and we had a wonderful time preparing for upcoming milestone of 30........but in the words of Carrie Bradshaw... "30 is the new 20 right?"

Happy Day!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Real Life.....

So last week I said I was going to start a series of real life Wednesday......  As you can see this Wednesday business is clearly a difficult task.  So it's more like real life who really cares what day it is.  That will be my new title.  Here we are another week later.  Not much has changed except my child is a week older.  I get an email from the hospital that explains what my child should be doing week to week.  That shit will give a new mom straight up anxiety.  So for example this week it says that my child should start reaching his hands up at me when he wants picked up.  Are you freaking kidding me?  I swear last week they told me that he still can only see 10 inches away from his face and now you are telling me he can see me enough to let me know he wants picked up?  Blasphemy i say.  Who comes up with this weekly update?  So here I am standing in front of my son, testing this theory.  Fail.  He is still in a flailing arm stage.  They clearly have their weeks screwed up.

Pretty sure that most of my baby posts revolve around baby poop. Well this week is no different.  Pretty much every time my lil peanut makes a turd and I go to change him, he puts his foot in poop. I don't know how he manages it most of the time but he does. It's a conspiracy I swear.  Sometimes it may be a solid couple hours after a diaper change that I notice he has a poop smear on his foot.  Like it magically appears.  I swear I check to make sure he is poop free.  Where is it coming from?!?!?!

That is currently what I am dealing with in my real life.  The fact my child is behind on his arm reaching to let me know he wants picked up and his phantom poop smears that appear outta no where.

On a side note, we are 1 day away from one of the best national holidays of the year.  Labor Day you ask?  No, obviously because that is Monday and not 1 day away.  It's the beginning of Spartan football!!!!  He is pretty excited about it if you can't tell!

Have a great holiday weekend!!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Real Life Wednesday

I had the idea of starting a series every Wednesday that shares a glimpse of my real life.  I find that the ole interwebs tend to show people with the white picket fence, hair and makeup done, and dinner on the table with the perfect family.  However the real life behind the computer screen is mad chaos.  Why do we hide it?  Why do we try to paint a picture to everyone that we have life all together.  

I am here to break that mold and let you all know it is ok to not have your shit together.  My life is bananas right now.  Straight up bananas.  I have a hard enough time remembering to eat let alone have my hair and makeup done.  Here is a lil glimpse into my real life......

My kid makes man sized turds.  To the point that you see here.  I am feeding him, minding my own business and with one solid grunt I am holding a handful of poo.  As i tell my sister "Do something!" I was thinking more like grab the kid so I can wash my hand, she instead grabs her phone to take a picture.....classic

Currently my son has eyes for 6 ounces of milk but the stomach capacity for only 4 ounces.  In turn that means mama wears the bottle shortly after feeding.  Straight down the shirt soaked with curdled milk.  It smells wonderful too might I add.  

So there you have the first edition of real life Wednesday.  Stay tuned next week for more madness.