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Thursday, May 26, 2016

What is your ONE?

Many times I'm asked what is my Why?  Why are doing what your doing or pursuing what you are pursuing. I thought it was a great question to help make sure you are staying focused or on track to a goal.  That was until I attended the Alltech ONE  Ideas Conference this past week.

After having my brain go into complete overload of new ideas and information, it occured to me that instead of asking the WHY, we should be asking what is your ONE?  What is your one dream, one idea, one goal, one wish, that has just been sitting and burning inside you?  That feeling deep inside that is begging to come out or be brought to fruition?

I find words to be powerful, and Pearse Lyons is a man that can pick the perfect speakers to leave you in awe with the words they say.  While i'm not a Kentucky basketball fan, I am a fan of Coach Calipari.  He is a great role model and teaches his players respect and to do that ONE thing that helps or touches others.  Some of his wisdom:

  • Build strong relationships on trust and respect. Under sell and over deliver
  • Say more by talking less
  • success is teaching kindness; kindness doesn't cost a thing
  • Dream beyond your surroundings

My favorite:

  • Fame is fleeting, money has wings; your legacy will be who you touch and your impact on others

If that doesn't ground you, let me introduce to you another speaker that left me thinking.  The Woz, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple.  This is the man that built the first apple computer.  

Some of the best advice he shared was that; You can be humble and have no money, and still bring ideas to the table.  I thought this was perfect.  You don't need millions.  You just need that ONE idea.

 I often have many ideas, ones that come to me in the wee hours of the night, normally when my child has woke up screaming at 1am.  Those are when the best ideas hit.  I should clearly start writing them down.  Like an air freshner for the diaper genie that actually takes that nasty smell away.  That would be a great idea turned invention.  Just a thought.

But regardless of how big or small, crazy or simple, capture your ideas. Write them down.  Find that ONE and go after it.  We only get one shot at this crazy game called life.  Many times our biggest limitations and hurdles are ourselves.  What will be your ONE?

On a side note; can we just discuss how amazing Mark Lyons hair is?  That is currently my ONE.  Figuring out how to make my hair and look that good!  #marklyonshair

Friday, May 6, 2016

Our First Mother's Day

Oh baby Wyatt, where do I begin.  It's almost surreal to think that you are almost one year old, let alone we are celebrating mothers day.  Mother, a term that I was not real keen on for a majority of my life.  I had travels to do, concerts to attend, and just living my life to the fullest really.  Or so I thought that was living life to the fullest.  Life pretty much revolved around me.

That soon changed.  The moment you popped out, my life had new meaning and it quickly revolved around you.  I cannot explain how you have changed my life in the most amazing ways.  I have found a new sense of pride in watching you grow and learn all the things you do, from crawling, to pattycake, and feeding yourself to babbling at the top of your lungs.  I have also found a new sense of worry. A worry of if you are coming down with a sickness, if I am doing a good enough job at raising you, if you are safe when I'm not around.  Prior to you I had little to no worries.  Fearless you might say.  I will take these worries over fearless any day.

I am quickly learning how independent you can become.  In the begining you needed me, all of me.  You needed my skin on your skin to know this outside world was an ok place to live.  You needed my milk to grow and become strong.  You needed my arms to hold you tight to make you feel safe and calm.   Now you drink a bottle on your own.  You feed yourself food, on your own.  You no longer cuddle at bedtime, but prefer to just be put to bed.

I cherish the moments when you come crawling to me with your hands extended "wanting me".  I know that those moments of 'needing me" will soon change as you grown into a young gentlman.  You will need me in other ways.  Instead of needing me to hold you tight when those mean teeth are pushing through, you will need my support and advice, Instead of needing me to save you when you roll on your back and can't get back over, you will need me for a ride to an event, or encouragement to ask that special girl to the school dance.

One of the best things that you have going for you is that I was blessed with the greatest role model of a mom.  If I am at least half the mom to you, that your grandma was to me, you will have a bright future little man.  I can't wait to see where this road takes us, you and me.


Your Mama

Friday, April 8, 2016

Milestones with a side of denial

I have this inner struggle where I want to see my son experience all the things of growing up, and then I cry because he is growing up.  When people told me that it happens so fast, I didn't believe them.  Dude, they weren't lying.

March was a huge month for baby Wyatt. He got his first tooth, and started crawling.  I was so ready for him to crawl, so that he wouldn't whine all the time when I wasn't in his face to entertain him......but as you can imagine, I would love to go back to that stage.  It all happened so fast. My friend came over with her 14 mo old twins who were crawling and moving everywhere.  Wyatt peacefully sat in his activity center and watched the madness.  The next day, i'm pretty sure he was like "awe hell no", i'm not sittin here anymore.  If they can do it then so can I.  He took off crawling!

Our first attempt at crawling

Now I watch him crawling all over the place, eating normal people food instead of purees, and I want to cuddle him up and pretend his is a newborn.  But without his newborn screaming because that was terrible.

Now with all of that being said, you would think that a child that can crawl all over the place, and push himself up to sit after crawling would be able to flip himself over when he rolls on his back at night.  Heavens no! We get a blood curdling scream.  I'm like, "really dude", how is this life ending for you?  I suppose I will embrace the moments when he still wants me to console him from that horrible back laying. :)

Happy start to the Weekend!!

Monday, March 14, 2016

My #MothersPromise

This is a sponsored post with Pampers and Walmart.  All opinions are my own.

I was super excited to get selected to help promote the pampers premium care campaign #motherspromise. This is such a great campaign because it encourages you to make a promise to your little ones and create a craft so that you can keep the promise top of mind.  The craft was a no brainer for me.  One of the first things I do in the morning while feeding my nugget is make some coffee.  This mama doesn't function well until after coffee. If I want to keep something top of mind, the best bet would be to put it on coffee mug.  So that's what I did!

DIY Coffee mug how to:
  • Buy a white mug or light colored mug that marker will show up on
  • Pick your sharpie colors to use
  • Draw your design
  • Let dry for a couple hours
  • Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees
  • Care...Hand-wash instead of dishwasher

My promise to my son is to love him unconditionally and to make sure he appreciates the value of gratitude.  I want him growing up understanding how blessed he is for the life he has.  Never take things for granted.  Always be willing to help those in need or lend a helping hand.  

From the moment Wyatt was born he has had pampers on his bum.  This was the brand of choice at the hospital and as a first time mom, I went with the sensitive line because I had this fear that his bottom would break out in a rash, so why chance it.
  • Pampers premium Care Diapers are available at Walmart and Walmart.com
  • Super affordable
  • Top tier, high quality diaper
  • 5 Star skin care, hypoallergenic, wetness indicator, unique absorb away liner, breathable inside & out, extra absorb channels
I am super thankful for this campaign because of what it stands for.  I challenge you to think of a #MothersPromise and create a way to keep it top of mind.  Feel free to share your promise!

I will just be over here sipping my coffee and hoping he stays Forever Young!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Botox and a Blog

Happy Friday friends!!  Did you notice anything different with your current visit?  We got a facelift!! This has a touch more of a grownup feel, yeah?  That is where the botox part comes in. Get it?  Botox.....facelift....  I did not get botox.  I have no desire to get something injected into my face to make me have a perma grin or surprised look on my face.  No offense to those that do though. However for those that have that resting bitch face, botox might come in handy for ya.  Just a thought.  

Recently I was hard at work sitting down with a customer and i receive this adorable little video from my husband.  Of course he is sending it to me because he is assuming that our child is saying dada as his first words.  I'm in denial and i hear none of the sort.  I suppose you can just add it to one of the firsts of many disappointments to come.  All babies should say mama first.  We carry them and then excrete them.  All the work and no glory.  

How does that saying go?..... When they're little they step on your toes and when they grow up they step on your heart.  Mine of course won't break my heart though, right?

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas in the country reveal!

One of my favorite things about the holidays is the annual Christmas in the Country gift exchange that some of my favorite blogger friends host!  There is nothing better than hand made gifts!  Luckily that is one of the requirements for this party!

This year my secret santa was Katie Pratt who blogs over at Rural Route 2.  She did such a great job at the gifts she selected!  I received popcorn that they grow on their farm as well as a home made sugar scrub.  I got a bottle of nail polish because.....you should always have your toes looking fresh!   I also received a jar of hot chocolate for those cold nights, and my favorite, a little note pad holder that holds a roll of paper that was hand made!  It was so creative!

For any of you bloggers out there, I encourage you to sign up next year.   It is a great way to meet other bloggers and share home made local gifts!

Friday, January 1, 2016

My Day with a Refugee

Happy New Year!  As I reflect on 2015, I quickly realize how blessed, spoiled, and fortunate I am.  My year mostly consisted of baby Wyatt coming into the world.  Then it consisted of baby Wyatt screaming for the first part of his life.  Now that we are past that and have a happy baby, my mind can wander to other more non important life events, such as......

Last week my favorite friend from the Husker the state came home to Michigan for the holidays.  We quickly planned a day to spend together.  What sounds like a good idea when you are wanting to catch up?  A spa day of course.  Our day started with talking to the receptionist about our jobs, which she told us we have such interesting lives.....I mean we told her I sell the grain and Lisa buys the grain.....or maybe it was the inseminating cattle and selling bull semen she found intriguing?  Anyway, this adorable older lady comes up and calls my name and it's time to start my facial......

I feel sometimes God throws subtle hints my way that I don't take the time to recognize, so then he throws a ton of bricks in my face to make me think, and that my friends is what happened this day.

Lupa was my spa day wizard.  She had been doing facials for 30+ years.  She had a strong Russian accent so I couldn't help but ask her what her story was.  Lupa was a refugee from the Former Soviet Union.  When her son was 4 years old, her and her husband realized they had to leave because of the genocide or they were not going to survive.  They made it to America and thanks to a church in Lansing that sponsors refugees, her and her family were given a place to stay.  She said that thanks to skype, she is able to see her family that were also placed all over the world.  Technology is amazing.

She was given $3 a day when they got over here and she said that their meals consisted of taking bread and putting it in a toaster to make croutons.  You then pour hot water over the croutons with a little bit of salt and that was their meal.  "For dessert, you just added a lil sugar", she said with a laugh. She then went on to say something I wish everyone could have heard.  She said,

"So many people today demand meat to be raised a certain way, and food to be grown a certain way.  They clearly have never experienced famine or starvation."

I pretty much jumped off the facial table and gave her a hug.  Yes!  Yes, I screamed!  She then went on to tell me about her childhood and how at Christmas they got oranges.  To them it was the greatest gift of all.  Also, payday for her father meant a piece of candy.  It was the little things but were such big things to them.

She said that seeing children today during the holidays open gifts and throw them aside because it wasn't what they wanted really makes her sad for them. She laughed and said they would be really disappointed if they grew up with her Christmas of an orange then. :)

Lupa is wise beyond her words.  She really made me think that day.  I don't remember the toys that I had or played with as a kid growing up, but I do remember the experiences.  I then decided that my resolution was to not worry about the "things" that I have or don't have, but more on the experiences.  That is also something I want my children to embrace.....but we have some time before we worry about that. :)  So here is to you Lupa in 2016.  You ended my 2015 with much to think about!

What are your resolutions for the year?!  Here's to a great 2016!